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Your Super Cool Guide to Refrigeration Options

Like with all appliances, you are faced with a huge number of options when it comes to choosing the right refrigeration for your new kitchen. Where do you start and how do you choose? This guide will give you an overview of the options available to you.

Choice 1:  Capacity

Before making any decisions about the type of refrigeration appliances to use in your new space. First, consider the physical capacity that you need. Think about your current fridge and freezer and whether they offer sufficient capacity for your needs, this will help you to decide about the type and size of appliance to use.

Answer the questions below to help you decide which solution works best for you as you go through the choices in this guide. Consult your designer or salesperson and discuss which brands and models will best suit your needs.

  • How much space do you currently have in your fridge and freezer? Is it enough for you or do you need more?
  • Do you need to have a freezer in your kitchen, or do you have space in a utility room or garage?
  • Do you need extra capacity or a separate fridge for drinks or dairy products?
  • Do you need a chilled water & ice dispenser?
  • Do you cook often with fresh ingredients?
  • How frequently do you buy fresh fruit and veg?
  • How frequently do you buy cold meats or fresh fish?
  • Do you batch cook and freeze meals?
  • Do you store a lot of frozen foods?
  • Do you regularly host parties and social gatherings?
  • Do you need chilled storage space for wines etc?
  • How many bottles do you typically store in your fridge / cooler at one time?
  • Do you need variable temperature control or zoned cooling for white and red wines?

Choice 2:  Appliance type

Now that you have answered the questions above and have considered the size and capacity of your existing refrigeration appliances, it’s time to think about the refrigeration options that you would like use for your project. 

Cooling appliances can be broken down into the following types:

Fridge Freezers
 – Free standing or integrated
 – American style / Side-by-side
 – Continental

– Free standing or integrated
 – Low-Frost vs No-frost


 – Free standing or integrated
 – With or without ice-box

Wine coolers
– Free standing or built-in
 – Dual / multi-zone

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