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Mistral: Your versatile, seam-free work surface

Mistral worksurfaces are manufactured from an acrylic resin compound and natural minerals.

This composite material has many benefits that come both from the format of the product itself and the characteristics of the solid surface. Mistral falls into the ‘resin’ category of worktops as described in our Ultimate Guide to Worktops.

Mistral is a little warmer to the touch than a stone worktop such as granite or quartz. Also, being a softer material it is a little more forgiving when you accidentally knock a glass or something – and we have all done that whilst unloading the dishwasher!

The downside to Mistral is that it can scratch easier than a stone worktop. If however this does happen it is not the end of the world as Mistral can be sanded down and polished (much like wood) to restore it to it’s former glory.

Lets look at the benefits of using Mistral as a worktop in your kitchen.

Image of a seamless join in a Mistral worktop

Seamless joins

No obvious or unsightly joins. At the heart of every MISTRAL kitchen are the seamless worktop joints that discreetly form one continuous surface that flows around the room as if moulded from a single piece.

Image of a Mistral sink


MISTRAL is smooth and non-porous; it is inherently hygienic and resistant to staining without needing to be sealed. MISTRAL’s non-porous surface does not allow stains to penetrate. Any spills can simply be wiped clean with a cloth and soapy water. For more stubborn substances use the assistance of a general household cleaner.

Image showing the versatility of Mistral worktops

Limitless design options

Unlike other brands or resin worksurface, MISTRAL is made entirely of solid surface material with no substrate required. This allows it to be angled and curved to fit your design effortlessly. MISTRAL’s endless options give you the advantage of being able to create unique features and bring your ideas to life.

Image showing the drainer grooves cut into the worktop


MISTRAL is a strong and durable surface and will cope well with the rigours of day to day use in the home. It also has good levels of chemical and heat resistance.

Image of a beautiful Surrey kitchen bay window


Unlike most other worktop materials, the surface of MISTRAL can be sanded. This means it can be refinished at any time during its life to remove any general wear and tear marks that may have accumulated, leaving it looking as good as new.

Image of moulted upstands and window sill


MISTRAL’s beautiful appearance and valuable physical qualities are backed up by a field-tested 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty. MISTRAL has been installed, tested and proven in a variety of tough commercial applications before being utilised in the residential sector.

Available in two thicknesses (12 & 25mm). The thinner size can be used for moulded upstands, splashbacks and window sills to provide a clean, seamless finish.

 With 16 colours to choose from, there is a solution to suit any kitchen style or colour scheme.

Colours of Mistral

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