Kitchen Buyers Guide

If you are embarking on a new kitchen project there will be so many questions that you will want answers to. This guide will help you if you are in the initial phase of your journey. 

It is objective and designed to help you quickly decide whether it's best for you to engage with a multi-national outlet or an independent retailer. 
Not only will you save yourself time, the multiple kitchen showrooms you would need to otherwise engage will save time too. A win-win situation for all!

With this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your kitchen goals and refine your wish list
  • Get to grips with the pros and cons of different options within your budget
  • Find the right kitchen company
  • Know which questions to ask in consultations and when visiting showrooms
  • Navigate the quote and decision making stage
  • Prepare for the work to start in your home


Introduction  - pg3
Step 1: Create your kitchen wish list  - pg4
 - Style notes - pg5
Step 2: Finding the right option for your budget
 - £8,000 Kitchen vs £18,000 Kitchen. What's the difference? - pg 8
Step 3: Choosing the right kitchen company for you 
 - Big brands - pg11
 - Independents - pg12
 - Designer Outlets - pg13
 - Narrowing down your search further - pg14
 - An important note about kitchen extensions - pg15
Step 4: Consulting with designers and visiting showrooms
 - Booking an appointment to visit a kitchen showroom - what to expect - pg16
 - Questions to ask when you make the initial call that will save you time and hassle in the long run - pg17
 - Your visit to a kitchen showroom - pg19
 - What happens next?  - pg20
 - When your kitchen installation starts  -pg22 

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