Breath New Life into Your Existing Kitchen..

With Replacement Kitchen Doors and Worktops

Rather than fitting a new kitchen many people prefer the option of modernising their kitchen by fitting new kitchen cabinet doors and trims. The reasons why they may wish to do this are normally for one or a combination of the following reasons:

  1. It saves you TIME.The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home and for many the thought of being without their kitchen for a couple of weeks puts them off having a new one fitted. Replacing the kitchen doors and trims normally just takes a day or 2 and you don’t even have to empty your cupboards.
  2. It saves you MONEY.Every kitchen is different but replacing your kitchen doors saves on average around 70% off the cost of a new kitchen.
  3. It is GREEN.If your kitchen cabinets are in good condition and you are environmentally conscious then this is definitely the route to go. No more throw away just for the sake of it.
  4. You have GRANITE worktops. Granite worktops should last forever so another good reason people change the kitchen cabinet doors is to give their kitchen a new lease on life without having to replace their beautiful granite or quartz worktops.
  5. Your kitchen LAYOUT can’t be changed anyway.We see many people torn between opting for a new kitchen vs just replacing the doors. Often what helps them decide is whether or not they want (and can) change the layout. Some kitchen layouts just work and you would not want to change them.

Why Choose Saffron Interiors to Replace My Kitchen Doors?

  1. We have the WIDEST RANGE of made to measure kitchen doors in Surrey and we will help you choose the style and colour that is just right for you.
  2. We measure up and then go away to produce a detailed PROFESSIONAL QUOTE for your consideration. No thumb-suck hand-written quote on a pre-printed sheet and handed to you at survey.
  3. NO PRESSURE selling – salesmen giving you a quote on the spot are renowned for this.
  4. We have many DELIGHTED CUSTOMERS. Don’t take our word for it – see independent reviews and testimonials on HomePro
  5. We GUARANTEE to beat any quote from any local high street franchised replacement door chain.